About Albizzi

We’re the people you come to when you're looking to hire outstanding talent for growth or urgent hires. With a wealth of recruitment experience, we get it, we understand. We know what it’s like to need a last minute replacement, hire staff, manage teams, grow departments, Because we’ve been there, done that. We know the challenges you’re facing and the people you need.

It means we can hit the ground running when it comes to finding the right talent for your business and we understand that our clients expect value for money.


Quality not Quantity

We would rather send you three outstanding candidates who could make a difference to your business than swamp you with a deluge of mediocre CVs.

We’re looking to build a long-term partnership with you; not make a quick buck by placing just anybody. That’s not to say we can’t respond quickly. We can and we do. But our focus is on quality.

Our History


Young, enthusiastic consultants keen to make an impact for your business. 


In our years of experience, we have packed in a plethora of experience dealing with clients from various backgrounds covering start ups, schools, corporations and more. One thing they all have in common is the need for great quality. We have developed our skillset, nurtured our network and improved our resources to ensure we can deliver on that expectation to grow great business. 




Our Expertise


We are a specialist consultancy covering Education, Legal & entertainment markets. 




Our Commitment


We provide the ideal candidate for your role.

Our vetted candidates deliver to expectations. We have a network of candidates that can. If we can't provide from our immediate candidate network, we will run a tailored search to ensure we find the person who can.