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We are Albizzi Consulting

Teamwork makes the dream work

A start up with a unique style and approach, as well as recruiters with years of experience in the sector. We understand that good satisfied talent is the foundation of any great team, which in turn is the backbone of a successful business

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Your a la carte solution for your long term needs.

Finding the good talent for your goals and ambitions is a challenge. It is tiring and time consuming. Luckily we will be by your side every step of the way. We are a team of warriors and we will defy the obstacles along the way to make your goals and ambitions come true. We will carefully listen to your needs and aspirations to then come up with  a tailor made solution.

Big dreams with the wrong team is the recipe for failure

Building the perfect team takes more than simply reviewing cv, it requires skills and expertise in a given industry. A big part of a warrior's job is to understand the culture of a given business and our client's vision to envision the ideal team member for your company. Strength and harmony within a team is a pillar to success. 

Our warriors will search the market for the candidates with the perfect balance of skill-set and culture/personality fit. 


At Albizzi we strive to make your visions come true by solidifying your long term plans.